Prakash Raj escapes from a shocking accident

prakash rajVersatile actor Prakash Raj has witnessed how undisciplined is the traffic in Hyderabad. He had nearly escaped a major accident last night in the city,which scared him to death. Check the story out.
  Exposing the gross negligent attitude of bus drivers in Hyderabad city, another incident has come to light. Versatile actor Prakash Raj’s car that is waiting at a signal in Hyderabad was hit by a bus from behind.
A government operated bus has rammed into Prakash’s vehicle, before hitting few other vehicles causing chaos. Our talented actor is safe and on his way to airport to catch next flight home, and there are no other causalities too. Revealing about the incident, Prakash Raj stated that he is depressed by the inhuman attitude of people around when the accident took place.
Rather helping the needful, especially a family that has fallen out of an auto when the bus rammed, youths around are busy clicking pictures on their mobile phones. ‘Instead of saving people who were lying thrown around, youngsters are taking their pictures. What happened to us, where are we heading? It is really shame’, said Prakash Raj, in an emotional tone.
‘I’m shaken by this inhuman attitude. Also realized my helplessness and fragility of life, and the only way is to live it long as it lasts’, he concluded. Prakash Raj is in Hyderabad to wrap up his last day of shoot for Gunasekhar’s Rudramadevi, and the incident .
Unfortunately, despite of so many accidents day in and day out,Government ever seem to be serious in taking the necessary precautions to avoid such accidents . This is really pathetic ,say common public.

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