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Prabhas to watch Hrudayakaleyam


Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailTollywood’s latest sensation, Burning Star Sampoornesh Babu Starrer Hrudaya Kaleyam was released on Friday and the film is running with packed crowds. In a press note released by the unit, they have claimed that the movie has collected 3.9 crores so far which is said to be a new record in Low-Budget films. Now we have an interesting and exclusive update about”Hrudaya Kaleyam”. We learnt that, young Rebel Star Prabhas has showed his interest to watch the film and the producer-cum-director Sai Rajesh has arranged a special show for this Baahubali.

After the success of Hrudaya Kaleyam, many producers are interested to produce a film with Sai Rajesh and everyone is surprised that he has made a film with unknown artists and made profits through the film. Even Prabhas was eager to watch the film as he heard a lot about Sampoornesh Babu through social media platforms. Star like Prabhas encouraging a low-budget film should be appreciated .Entire film’s unit is eagerly waiting for the response from Prabhas, that how would he react on the film what comments he will pass .


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