Prabhas ‘Mirchi’ :Spicy Review

Mirchi walls1Prabhas is back with a bang. ‘Mirchi’ which released today is getting very very good response from the audience. It’s a typical Prabhas movie. The movie is suitable for all age groups but don’t know why the Censor gave ‘A’ Certificate (anyway we can’t change Censor’s decision know?). Okay, leave that, read on to know the story..

Jai (Prabhas) is a handsome guy who lives in Italy and enjoys life to the fullest and believes that we have only one life, so why should we make lives complicated. He is an architect. His attitude is like ‘Premiste Yemaipothunde?? Maha Aithe Theregi Premistharu.’ Because of his this attitude a girl named Manasa (Richa) will fall for him. But the twist is she tells him that she can’t stay with him and also asks him to go away from her life because she is from a factionist family and her family won’t accept their love. She goes away. Jai won’t informing Manasa goes to her village. One by one, even Manasa’s family will like Jai and will accept their love. But here again comes another twist, Jai tells that he doesn’t love Manasa. So now what will happen next?? Why Jai told that he doesn’t love Manasa?? And what is Anushka’s role?? and for all answers to your questions you have to watch the movie. Because I am not going to reveal the whole story.

Prabhas as always is superb and as always is Handsome. His acting was extrodinary and fantastic. This new avatar of his suited him a lot. And what else should I say about Rebel star?? He  is a Rebel star, no one can beat him. He is Mr.Perfect.
The two heroines Anushka and Richa were gorgeous and awesome. Their acting is also like them, fantastic.
The other cast was also awesome. Whole movie was fun and pleasant to watch.
It isn’t like ‘Mirchi’ is Koratala Shiva’s first movie has a director. Superb job.
The movie is Perfect with some more Perfection (Prabhas).  Especially the dialouge “Premiste Yemaipothunde?? Maha Aithe Theregi Premistharu”.

There isn’t much negative about the movie except  one thing the story and climax was as usual. It is a typical telugu movie with no difference. But Anyway Prabhas is in the movie. So we have watch the movie. By the way guys Anushka is also in it.

VERDICT:If you haven’t watched it yet then go and watch. You will Pakka enjoy the movie. Paisa vasule movie. It’s worth watching. The music by Devi Sri Prasad is also Fantastic.

Prabhas ‘Mirchi’ :Spicy Review 5.00/5 (100.00%)

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