PR : ‘Ice Cream 2 Kiss Mix’ Song from 9th


Ice Cream 2 Kiss Mix  Posters (5)Ram Gopal Varma, who released ‘Ice Cream-2’ trailer with background music and without dialogues, is now releasing a new song titled ‘Kiss-Mix’ which includes Naveena shots from sexy and sensuous song ‘Kiss Me Everywhere’ along with visuals and ‘Ice Cream-2’ dialogue trailer.

The film which is being produced by Tummalapalli Rama Satyanarayana under Bheemavaram Talkies banner is releasing soon. The entire film unit will participate in the song release event that will be held tomorrow i.e. on 9th of September at Prasad Labs in Hyderabad. The release date of ‘Ice Cream-2’ which is the second film in the series of ‘Ice Cream’ will also be announced on this event. Meanwhile, ‘Ice Cream-2’ is to be auctioned from 14th of September. For details visit

JD Chakravarthy, Naveena, Jeeva, Nandu, Bhoopal, Siddu, Dhanraj, Shalini, Gayathri, Ram Guptha, Prabhakar and Binoji are playing the major roles.

Editor : Sanga Pratap Kumar; Cinematography: Naveen Kalyan; Poster Designer: Naveen Kalyan-Kasi; Press Relations: Dheeraja Appaji; Sound Designer: Seshu (Flow Sound); Music: Sriram-Satya; Lyrics: Sirasri;
Executive Producer: Tummalapalli Anjani Kumar-T Bharath Kumar
Producer: Tummalapalli Rama Satyanarayana;
Story-Dialogues-Screenplay-Direction: Ram Gopal Varma.


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