Power-star unhappy about fans split


powaWe all know Pawan Kalyan is a calm and quiet person. But if anyone irks him,or some one tries to test his patience,he is just unbearable. Here is the latest example to showcase Power-star’s anger. Since Chiranjeevi family is reportedly worried, about how power-star Pawan Kalyan would react to the suspension of few fans from membership, after they tried to d-link themselves from Chiru’s activities, suggesting that they would like to have a separate fan club for Power Star, if need be.

Even though, rumors about the rift between Chiru and Pawan, has been making rounds for many years, but the fan clubs have remained united, so lakhs of fans were attending the functions of Pawan Kalyan as well as functions of Ram charan and Allu Arjun.

Although, Pawan never openly felt for a separate fan club, (he can bag highest number of fans by just a flicker of his finger) but now after differences between fans, on who should they support or not, could lead to split in the revered fan-based star family. With Pawan recouping in Bangalore, once he returns to Hyderabad and gets to know about the the ‘suspension’, his reaction is keenly awaited by Chiru family as well as by fan clubs? Will he prefer to not to split or has other plans? We’ll get to know soon.


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