Pop Singer Smitha uses Modi


Pop-Singer-SmithaSounds so weird but true. Faded out Singer-actor Smitha has now come up with yet another album called “Wake up India”. Catching up with NaMo ‘Chanting’ became a trend these days with most of the celebrities endorsing the senior BJP leader for Prime Minister post. while some are meeting him live, some are expressing their support in one way or the other. Even vanished Telugu pop singer Smitha too joined the race now.

Apparently Smitha lost her ground as a happening singer in Tollywood long back and tried her hand at acting. But nothing sort of a miracle happened for the starlet and she faded out in time. Though she came up with some devotional albums, nothing like a big success had fallen in her kitty. And recently Smitha became talk of town with her political comments, when she praised Pawan and criticised Chiranjeevi heavily. To cash on the new craze further, she is coming up with an album ‘Wake Up India’ now, extending her praises for Narendra Modi and asking every Indian to vote for BJP.

Keeping the Modi factor aside, this will be definitely a do-or-die music video for Smitha as its success will give her some breathing space. Otherwise her sweet voice might not get some big chances.

God knows, how far Smitha’s album can be useful for Mr. Narendra Modi but, it would be great if his charisma can get a few chances for this star singer in the future. Check your luck Smitha.


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