Poor heroines finding the other ways to live


Parvathi-MeltonUsually, heroes come to film industry after completing their education, or say at least after their graduation. But it is a different case with girls. Due to the age factor, they try to make it to the big screen when they are in teens, as they also know that once they cross 25 , how tough it would be to survive in the glamour field. Reason why we can see almost all heroines are school drop outs as they start off at a very young age. Though most of them want to study, they don’t get the time if they become busy. Recently, there were stories of Tamanna and Hansika completing their degrees through distance education.

However, girls who cannot make it big are getting back to college these days. After Richa Gangopadhyay who went off to study abroad, now comes the news of Parvati Melton going back to school. Parvati Melton who debuted with Vennela tried her best to find a foothold in the industry. She even did an item song in Mahesh Babu’s film. But luck did not favour her and she returned to the US. Once there, she has decided to complete her education and enrolled herself in a university. Apparently, she now wants to become a professor and give Bharatanataym performances all over US. We wish her luck.

Find a better life there itself darling,Tollywood has no interest in you anymore.


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