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Pawn Kalyan all set to campaign for BJP


Pawan-KalyanJanasena party chief Pawan Kayan is all set to campaign for BJP. Pawan already announced that he supports BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi in the next elections and said he is not contesting to ensure BJP votes are not divided. BJP Telangana leader Kishen Reddy announced that Pawan has agreed to campaign for BJP and he is getting ready to campaign for BJP candidates in Gurumatkal,Kolar,Bellary regions in Karnataka.

A route map is being made to sketch the number of towns and cities Pawan will tour and preside. Also this campaigning is going to benefit Telugu Desam Party too as both BJP-TDP already signed a coalition.

Once again, the question to Pawan Kalyan is, if he wants to campaign on behalf of Bharatiya Janata Party, why did he start his own political outfit? Is Pawan going to answer some of the communal accusations on BJP which many people talk about? Let us see.


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