Pawan's role is too short in "Gopala Gopala"?


Pawan Kalyan Latest Trendy Look PhotosThis is the news on which Power Star Pawan Kalyan;s fans should keep an eye and stop expecting more from their beloved hero’s presence in “Gopaala Gopala” movie. We all know that the shooting of this fick was officially started yesterday, and here are the few latest updates of the movie coming out now ,disappointing PK’s fans. It is learnt that Pawan is going to play an important short role in Venkatesh’s ‘Gopala Gopala’. As per our source, we learnt that Pawan Kalyan will only have a 30 mins role in this movie.

While this is more than the role Akshay Kumar has in ‘Oh My God’, it will mean Pawan Kalyan will be seen in a short but sweet role. Fans expecting a full length role from Pawan must now realign their expectations.

The film will be directed by Dolly and Shriya will be seen as Venkatesh’s wife. Suresh Babu and Sharath Marar are producing this family drama with a socio fantasy touch.

So thats it guys, do not expect Pawan Kalyan through out the film.


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