Pawan's date fixed for "Gopala Gopala"shoot


Pawan Kalyan Latest Trendy Look PhotosFinally here is the exciting news of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan,who is expected to blow his flute as lord Krishna for his latest multi-starrer film “Gopala Gopala”.

‘Oh My God’ remake ‘Gopala Gopala’ will be the first movie Pawan would take part in post his election campaigns. From a time, he is busy getting various conceptual looks designed for his Lord Srikrishna role in the movie. Already hero Venkatesh completed shooting most of his parts for the flick and he is waiting for Pawan to join him with a flute in hand. Sources confirmed that shooting of Pawan-Venky combination scenes will begin from July 23rd onwards. Pawan will complete his cameo in one single stretch.

Most exciting thing for fans is that they want to get a glimpse of Pawan Kalyan’s Lord Krishna look at any cost. Though it will take some time for makers to release an official first look of Pawan, fans are expecting at least some working stills to feel the pulse.

One this is for sure that, if at all the first look posters of “Gopala Gopala” releases, it just goes viral across the glove without any doubt. What say folks?


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