Pawan Kalyan's heartful wishes to Renu Desai


Pawan Kalyan's heartful wishes to Renu DesaiYeah…you read it right. This is true that, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan has heartfully wished his ex-wife Renu Desai all the best. But for what? Wanto to know? Here is the on.

Whoever criticized Pawan Kalyan of harassing Renu Desai in the past have been getting tough answers for some days as Renu Desai energetically and honestly started revealing her still existent love towards Pawan Kalyan. She emphasized that she still has great respect towards Pawan Kalyan and announced him as the good human being.Renu Desai started positive tweets about Pawan Kalyan few days ago denying or fixing rumors about their private issues. More than anything she declared that she still holds love for him. Now once again Renu showed his respect towards Pawan by inviting him for the audio launch of his Marathi film Ishq Wala Love.But due top busy schedule Pawan didn’t attend the event.

However, he sent his wishes for the success of the audio. renu desai tweeted, ” Pawan Kalyan garu is shooting&having back pain.he is unable to travel tomo for audio release.his wishes for IWL team.” After knowing this Pawan fans started sending best wishes to Renu Desai for audio and film release. In reply, she stated, “So many wishes so much love so overwhelming. peru perunaa andarki dhanyavadhamulu. Ilage mee prema and support continue cheyyandi. Thank you all.”

‘Ishq Wala Love’ is the second venture of renu desai as a director. Her debut movie in Marathi, ‘Mangalashtak’ was a super hit. She is planning to release the dubbed version of ‘Ishq Wala Love’ in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana soon. Will power star promote Telugu version in any way?Or will he take the opportunity to meet Renu at any of the promotional events of the film? Lets wait and see.


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