Pawan with daughters and Renu with son


Pawan Kalyan Latest Trendy Look PhotosSeems like holidays for Powerstar Pawan Kalyan has come to an end now. After hectic campaigning for TDP-BJP duo in Andhra Pradesh, Janasena president and Tollywood’s No.1 hero Pawan Kalyan has taken a holiday. And what is interesting to note is that his ex-wife Renu Desai is also partly holidaying at the moment with their son Akira Nandan. Do read the full story for exciting updates.

Pawan Kalyan and his wife Anna have left to Paris and from there they will be going on sightseeing parts of Europe. According to sources, Pawan-Anna’s daughter and Adya, his daughter from previous marriage, are accompanying the couple on this Europe tour. But Pawan left his son Akhira Nandan with his mom in India. With Renu Desai shooting her first directorial in Mauritius, Akhira has followed his mother there. Sharing pics of her outing with son, an ecstatic Renu described that she is on cloud nine.

Likely Renu Desai and her son will be returning to India in a week or so, while Pawan, his wife Anna and two daughters will be landing in a couple of days as the star hero needs to attend Chandrababu’s swearing-in ceremony and also start shooting of his latest movies.

So, after coming back to India, will Adya (Pawan-Renu Desai’s daughter) stays back with Pawan or will she leave to her mother?Stay tuned for more updates .


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