Pawan is back to his business


Pawan Kalyan Latest Trendy Look PhotosWhy shouldn’t he be? Because, his dream is accomplished and he got what he asked for. TDP and BJP allianz won the elections in Seemandhra. And also NDA has sweeped every corner of the state to get full majority, which was strongly prayed to happen by everyone in the country, including Pawan kalyan.

It is reported that Pavan Kalyan will be starting to shoot for the remake of Bollywood film “OMG”. Venkatesh will be playing the role of the frustrated Indian in the movie and is directed by Dolly of ‘Thadaka’ fame. The producers of the film are Suresh Babu and Sharath Marar. “OMG” was filmed in the year 2012 by Umesh Shukla. It’s a satirical comedy- drama film with Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal in lead roles which received extremely positive applaud from the critics. Well let’s wait and watch if this film pleases the Telugu audience as well.

Forget “Janasena” for a while Pawan, fans are dying to see you on screen again .


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