Patriotic Star Saikumar and Young hero Aadi to Participate in 92hrs 7 min RJ Marathon with RJ Shekar Basha On Wheels Live


Patriotic Star Saikumar and Young hero Aadi to
Participate in 92hrs 7 min RJ Marathon with RJ Shekar Basha On Wheels Live

92.7 BIG FM celebrates Republic day about 4days RJ Marathon.

Hyderabad, January 26th, 2016: 92.7 BIG FM’s The Constitution was adopted by the Indian Constituent Assembly on 26 November 1949, and came into effect on 26 January 1950 with a democratic government system, completing the country’s transition towards becoming an independent republic. Today democracy is not just about freedom talk orally but through social media too. 92.7bigfm is trying to support use of Internet & social media across India.

Shekar Basha is an Indian radio jockey on BIG FM 92.7. He is the only radio jockey in India to have won the IRF award (Indian Excellence in Radio Award) 9 times in a row (2007-2015).

RJ Shekar hosted 92.7 hrs non-stops RJing, the first stunt of its kind in Telugu radio in September 2007, which created huge buzz in the city and helped radio as a whole to grow in Hyderabad. We are trying redoing the same effort starting this 26/01/2016 till 29/01/2016.

Lead Sai Kumar & Aadi will participate in this show.

Excited about being the face of RJ marathon, “It’s a pleasure to be the part of the innovative campaign and I am happy that 92.7 BIG FM has given me this opportunity. It’s a very unique activity which will create exposure to the society.

About Reliance Broadcast Network Limited
Reliance Broadcast Network Limited is a media and entertainment company with interests in radio, television and television production. The Company houses: 1200 towns and 50,000+ villages and a weekly reach of 4.2 crore Indians across the country. BIG MAGIC – which has built strong brand equity as a Comedy Channel and is positioned as the one stop destination for humor, BIG MAGIC Ganga – the No. 1 regional Channel of Bihar and Jharkhand; For more information log on to


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