‘Paisa Vasool’ Deal from Garam Cinemas



GaramCinemas.com is introducing a new ‘Paisa Vasool’ deal for the exhibition rights of garam movie in selected theaters.

This is an exciting and unique opportunity to double your investment as an exhibitor. This deal offers excellent return on your investment and it works as follows:

For those theaters where the reserve price was not met in our original auction, we are offering this limited time 50% discount on the original reserve price. This literally means a huge saving, for example a theater that was originally listed for $2,200 you can now buy the exhibition rights of the same for as low as $1100.

Is this too good to believe! Well! actually not.

All “Paisa Vasool” deals would still work on the regular 20:50 pattern, where the exhibitor gets the first 20% profit and the remaining profit is shared 50-50% between the exhibitor and the distributor. However, the only difference is that in the “Paisa Vasool” deal the maximum profit that the exhibitor can get is capped at a value that is equivalent to double the amount of their purchase.

For example, if an exhibitor bought a movie rights in a theater for $1000 in our “Paisa Vasool” deal, they will get a maximum return of $2,000 (inclusive of the initial investment, 20% share and the 50% share).

We are promoting this offer especially to help reduce the initial investments for the exhibitors. We are confident in guaranteed return of our investment and hence we are prepared to sell exhibition rights at a relatively throw away price.

Our “Paisa Vasool” is a very attractive and excellent opportunity for doubling your investment with minimum risk as most of the theaters on this offer have recorded huge collections in the past. Even if the movie has an average talk, you are more than certain to get double return on your investment.

So what are you waiting for log on to garamcinemas.com and buy the exhibition rights of a theater of your choice before they are gone.

This is a LIMITD TIME ONLY offer, hurry up, once they are gone they are gone!!!

Press note released by: IndianClicks, LLC


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