"Orange" made me think of committing suicide


Naga Babu Stills Photos in Padunu Movie (1)This is a real shocker to mega fans,as the producer of Ram Charan’s “Orange” Nagababu says that after the financial crisis he faced due to the disaster of “Orange” made him think of committing suicide. How could he managed those heavy debts and came out of that critical situation? Here is the story…read on.

Suicidal Tendencies after ‘Orange’ flop:

“My financial position took a drastic turn overnight. Its no because of ‘Orange’ flop but few people (production team) backstabbed me. Within 24 Hours, I came to know my financial crisis is beyond the amount I could manage. Even if I sell all my properties, I couldn’t even clear my 10% debts. I never took money from Annayya and Kalyan Babu. Today I feel, Whoever attempts suicide are sensitive and good people. For the first time, I identified myself with them. In that situation, Both Annayya and Kalyan Babu supported me financially. From 2011 March, I became debt free and decided not to attempt films for 7-8 years. When we are in crisis, We need to take some time instead of taking hasty decisions in a hurry”.

Political Plans:

“Post Praja Rajyam Party, I got aversion towards Politics. No matter how hard we try, Nothing will workout unless there is a change in common man. People themselves have to change to see a Good Government. Hence, I am staying away from Politics at the moment and concentrating on films & TV Shows”.


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