Oops..he fell in love again..!!


600x450_1340718820_600x450Falling IN and OUT of love is a very common thing in film industry. Especially, for hero and heroines it is quite a common practice to choose the like minded people as their partners overnight and and leaving them if any differences bounces in. When it comes to Prabhu Deva,a noted dancer and film maker,it is the same case too. We know that he broke his marriage with Ramlath and continued his relation with beautiful Nayanatara for a few years. And then he broke up with her too due to some differences.

And now the latest buzz is that, Prabhudeva is now seeing a Bollywood based unmarried choreographer it seems. Apparently the two have met during onstage rehearsals of a dance event at an awards function. News is that Prabhu wants to get married to this lady much before media publicizes about their affair a lot.

Busy with wrapping of his next flick ‘Action Jackson’ with Shahid Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha, our director is said to be making secret plans for a destination wedding. Let us see what he talks about it. As of now, Prabhudeva hasn’t opened his mouth about his affair with that unknown choreographer. Let us see if he talks something about his new relation anytime soon.


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