Obscenity case on Aamir for his nude show


aamir-khanBollywood’s superstar Aamir Khan’s nude pose for his latest flick “PK” went viral since it was released. Many of them have appreciated for this top star’s guts . Aamir’s nude pose was a part of art for many but, this Kanur based lawyer thought the other way. Here is the complete story.Check this out.

This news must have certainly disappointed many fans of Amir Khan,but this KanpurFor people who love the works of Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan, his nude look on PK’s first look poster is a piece of art. But for others, it is surely obscenity and that is what even this Kanpur based lawyer has felt before filing a case on the star hero and his director.

With advertisement of Amir Khan’s latest in the direction of Rajkumar Hirani, PK published in newspapers, a Kanpur based advocate has filed an obscene case against the hero and director. Claiming that the poster was sleazy, advocated Manoj Kumar stated that the nude-acts of Amir in Friday’s newspapers have shocked him. He said that those ads reached children and elders through newspapers and will create terrible effect on them. Under Section 292 of IPC, which deals with obscenity, he filed the case.

That would be interesting to see how would Aamir Khan or Raju Hirani react on this. Let’s wait and see.


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