NTR sang better than professional singer


JR NTR Photos (35)This is what the talk that we get to listen everywhere regarding NTR’s rendering a peppy number for “Rabhasa”. Most of they say that NTR has sung “Rakshasi RAkshasi “song ,much better than any regular professional singer. Music director Thaman is having this habit of delivering one super hit song in a movie album he composes. Rest of the songs generally sound average, and we don’t the reason behind it. Even for his latest ‘Rabhasa’, he repeated the same magic.

Songs sung by heroes are labeled as some publicity stunts but here in ‘Rabhasa’ the one that is delivered by Young Tiger stands tall. Peppy number that goes by the lyric ‘Rakshasi Rakshasi’ has NTR’s powerful rendition brushed upon it. His voice is not just magical and enticing, but it dominated other professional singers who have sung rest of the songs. This song is already sitting on the top of chartbusters and will continue its presence for months. Has NTR taken any special instructions to sing this one?

‘Rabhasa’ album has five songs, one happens to be hero introduction song, two mass-masala songs, one teasing song and the other one is a sentiment-laced number. The teasing song is the one sung by NTR which is making fans go merry.

It would be so exciting always to see NTR shaking his legs on screen for the song that he rendered. Undoubtedly this song will also make fans go crazy wit


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