NTR-Bunny graced “Kick-2” launching event


Spotted--NTR---Bunny-launch-KICK-2--1048How beautiful it would be to witness all the big stars in a single frame,despite of the egos,difference of opinions and stardom. Coming to the point,pooja muhurat of Raviteja starrer ‘Kick 2’ was held in the morning Today. Guess, Who were the special guests for the formal launch? Its none other than Jr NTR and Allu Arjun!

We are aware of NTR and Kalyan Ram’s close bonding in the recent past. They were spotted together on many occasions and Tarak’s presence at ‘Kick 2’ launch isn’t a big surprise.

Notably, Kalyan Ram himself claimed Allu Arjun is his close buddy among heroes in TFI during an interview to Telugu daily few months ago. On the other hand, Bunny shares a great rapport with director Surender Reddy who gifted him a blockbuster ‘Race Gurram’. So, Even his presence at the launch makes sense!

One should appreciate this young bunch of heroes who are making it a good practice ,attending the other star heroes and their contemporaries movie events. What say folks?


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