None is bothered about mega heroine's act


Pooja HegdeNot many stars and directors like to reveal the movie names when they are under production. They just run the show with a tentative title in hands and once everything is decided, they they reveal the title of the movie. But it seems like the makers of Varun Tej’s maiden flick seems to be least bothered about the fact that the film’s leading lady Pooja Hedge made the title (Gollabhama) official with her over-enthusiastic/irresponsible approach.

Pooja Hedge tweets: “It may be hot as hell in Yanam, but the food here…OMG!!! I think I have died and gone to heaven…yummyyyy #Gollabama #andhra #foodie #love”.

Even after two days after this revelation, None of the Unit Members either tried to confirm the news or condemn it. That’s shows the focus is only on how far they could succeed in reaching the expectations and not on these petty issues.

Varun Tej is likely to clash with none other than Mahesh Babu with his maiden project as Ram Charan has almost missed the Dussehra race because of re-shoot of ‘Govindudu Andari Vaadele’. So, It’s going to be Gollabhama Vs Aagadu this time! We have to wait and seen if this new Mega Hero has got the stamina to compete with Superstar!!!

It is too much to expect from yet to be born star , but as of now, reports about “Gollabhama” are good and encouraging. Let us see how good Varun Tej can impress the Telugu audience.


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