Nithya talks on Andhra-Telangana differences


actress_nithya_menon-wideNithya Menon , one of the beautiful and talented actresses that Tollywood has witnessed so far . She stays away from skin show. She is never in a hurry to sign bunch of films at a time. She just takes it one after the other. She is very much outspoken and bold in deed. She is not controversy’s star-kid but definitely her statements are bolder than anyone would expect. After carving a niche for herself in Tollywood with Ala Modalaindi, beautiful Nitya Menon has no looking back though she signs projects very slowly. Here comes the hottie talking about ‘bifurcation’ and more.

‘I’ve no clarity about the Andhra and Telangana divide at the moment. I need to get used to that but all I can say is that there is some difference between these two regions’, says Nitya Menon. Before rushing to any conclusions, we want to make sure that this gorgeous lady is food-specific. Yes, Nitya is talking about the food differences in the two regions but nothing political.

‘Andhra food is more spicy and sometimes oily too. As it is hot, it should not be eaten always’, she added. Perhaps, she is worried that eating oily and hot Andhra dishes will make her plump that what she is. In that case, Nitya hasn’t experienced the best of Andhra food at all though she is shooting in Vizag from a while.

Many heroines, to the matter of point many heroes like Varun Sandesh should learn a lot from this lovely actress about the dedication and commitment towards the work. Nithya, learnt the Telugu language for her first Telugu film “Ala Modalayindi”, dubbed her own voice to the role she played and alos sung a couple of songs.Which is an incredible job done by Nithya. But unfortunately , even after working in more than twenty films, Varun Sandesh is not fluent in Telugu and can’t render a page dialogues without fumbling . Most pathetic part is Varun’s mother tongue is Telugu and where as Nithya’s is Malayalam mind you.


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