Nithin believes in NTR stamina


baw6pk_NTR_nithinWe all know that young hero Nithin owns a distribution company “Global cinemas” along with a production company “Shresht Movies”. The latest buzz is that Nithin has bagged the distribution rights of Jr. NTR-Puri film for Nizam area. At present, movie is still on sets and distributors have already started lobbying for the rights of the film it seems. However, shooting has been given a brief halt to take a look at various issues.The film was supposed to start its schedule today but once again the movie schedule got postponed to further date.

The film is still in initial stages but according to reports distributors already started lobbying for the theatrical rights.According to reports the films Nizam rights were bagged by Nitin owned Global cinemas for a good price.

Global Cinemas seems to be not worried of NTR’s poor form and problems surrounding the film.By blindly believing stamina of NTR Global cinemas bought the area rights .Its known that Global Cinemas going to co-produce Akhils debut movie.The distribution company is turning out to be top company in Nizam area by giving continuous tough fight to Dil Raju.

Let us see if Nithin’s confidence over NTR would remain the same after the movie’s release.


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