Nice initiative by young tiger NTR


JR NTR Photos (28)Nandamuri young tiger is now seeing low of his career as his recent films bombed at the box office. He is getting failed to judge the stories that suits him. After his latest disaster “Rabhasa”, NTR seems to have realized what is what and who is who for him in the industry. It is heard that ,NTR has made some decisions which he wanted to follow strictly in the future.

Maybe these were not official yet but the decisions he had taken will come to effect from now. According to the industry sources, Jr.NTR has reduced his remuneration by Rs.1.5 crores, inorder to facilitate the producers. Since, the production costs are rising day after day and there is a fall in the revenues NTR seems to have taken such decision

NTR reportedly asked his producers to not spend too much on heroines and he even ordered for some restrictions on foreign schedules. NTR has now decided to plan his films in such a way that his producers will not lose money even it turned as disaster.

If this initiative of NTR can motivate rest of the star heroes, we can really expect some good days for Tollywood soon.


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