Nayantara buys flat at Kochi

The hot pair Nayanatara and Prabhudeva again came into media focus with their partying at Nayantara’s newly purchased flat at Kotchi, in Kerala. Prabhudeva was the chief guest of this party thrown by Nayantara. Only very close friends of Nayan and Prabhu were invited to this party. However, Nayanatara’s parents who said to be opposing her relationship with Prabhudeva were not present in the occasion. They have kept her away from them for the last one year. But, Nayanatara rather prefers to loose them instead of loosing Prabhudeva, whom she possessed after going through lot of frustration.

If everything goes smooth, they may get married in July soon after Prabhudeva get his divorce papers in hand in June this year. They are planning for a grand marriage function in Chennai.

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