Nayanatara,Arya’s fraud shocks all


arya-and-nayanatara-romantic-wallpapersYoungsters who indulged in fraud using Nayanatara and Arya are now found themselves behind bars. Sivanandam from Nagarajapuram, Coimbatore is running a chicken shop and he decided to produce a film along with Babu of Thrissur,Kerala. They established a office at Kaliyamuttur and Balamurugan ,Kartik Rajan,Mohan Sundar entered into partnership with them. They decided to take a film with Nayanatara and Arya as lead pair and after deciding to rope Yuvan Shankar Raja, met him in Chennai. They even tried to get the callsheets of Arya and Nayanatara. During that time, Sivanandam suspected that Babu is trying to cheat him and so he informed him that he was not interested in filmmaking and demanded return of his r lakhs. This triggered argument as Babu refused to return the money. Babu attacked Mohan Sundaram, Sivanandam and with Pandian,.Mohan Sudaram opposing, the entire issue reached police. They are now investigating whether these people are really making film with Arya and Nayanatara?


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