Nayan and Simbu back together?


simbu-nayanataraNayantara and Simbu were the hottest couple of Kollywood in the past before they moved on with Prabhu Deva and Hansika respectively. It was bitter break up between these two actors. They didn’t work with each other after that. Nayan was busy with her life and Simbu was busy with his. Both of them were happy with their respective partners. But, don’t know what happened Nayan and Prabhu Deva broke up and after some time of relationship even Simbu and Hansika who ever deeply in love with each other also separated.
Before the break up itself, Nayan again patched up with her ex-lover Simbu and became friends. After their new bond friendship, Simbu and Hansika broke up. Though we dont know the real reason behind their sudden break up but it is believed that the close new bond relatioship with Nayan and Simbu is the cause of the break up as these days Simbu and Nayan are spending lots of time with each other and also they are doing a movie together.
Recently, at Trisha’s birthday bash in Chennai, Nayan and Simbu were close and were always together throughout the party. Insiders say that something is cooking between these two ex-lovers again.
Wow, is it a sign of God for them to be together again?


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