Navadeep's "Natudu" finished in 23 days


Natudu Movie Stills (4)It seems like most of the producers are trying to cut short the production cost and making their films in possible less days…which is definitely a good sign for the Telugu cinema’s survival. Here is one of such films. Navdeep’s next film Natudu has already completed it’s shooting. The team managed to finish the shoot in just 23 days. Speaking about the film director NSR Prasad said ” Thanks to the producer, we have completed the film quickly, and have explored something new about love and added some suspense element in this film”

Adding to it producer Ramesh Babu Koppula said,”We have seen that suspense films like Drushyam are well recently and we hope that our movie will engage the audience as well”. Currently DTS missing is going on, and the makers are planning to release this film in August.

After Icecream didn’t fetch anything big to him, Navadeep must have kept all his hopes on this Natudu .Lets hope Natudu gives Navadee a much needed big break.


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