Narrow escape for "Gaalipatam "girl in Kashmir


Kristina_Akheeva_at_Galipatam_press_meet,_May_2014Who would forget the bold and beautiful girl Kristina Akheeva from Australia, who took Tollywood by a storm with her debut film “Gaalipatam”? She stunned everyone by locking her lips with her co-star Aadi in it. Since then, many of the directors and producers started running behind her for call sheets. This sexy siren had a narrow escape in Kashmir,which is succumbed to floods since a week. Here is the story, read on.

When she was trekking at Lidderwat, near Pahalgam in J&K, she got struck in rains for almost three days. And the decision of life happened when she was about to cross the razing river. ‘My guide warned me that if I cross river, I’ll get stranded for weeks on the opposite banks. Sensing authenticity in his warning, I’ve taken backseat and returned to Bangalore immediately’, says Kristina, who is busy finding on TVs that Kashmir got encroached in huge flood just a day after she returned.

Calling that the Kashmir floods are scary and praying for people struck in disaster, the pretty lady thanked God for her lucky escape. Otherwise she would have stuck there still.


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