Naidu carried Sridevi on his shoulders?


srideviThis sounds little romantic isn’t it? But just don’t jump into any conclusions as such,as the story behind this is a little painful for the ace producer of TFI, Dr .Ramanaidu. Not many know that how tough is Film making,as no one knows the behind the camera difficulties.There will be unexpected challenges that shock us to the core. One such thing is lifting seductress Sridevi with hands and walking for half a kilometer. What made Mr.Naidu do that? Read on.

During the filming of the song ‘Velluvochi Godaralle..’ for the movie ‘Devata’, literally unit members of the film have to walk for a kilometre in mud and quicksand to reach shooting spot. This hot favourite song features Shoban Babu and Sridevi, while Raghavendra Rao is director and Rama Naidu is producer. While all unit members including hero Shoban Babu took steps in mud, Sridevi refused to go as her legs would get hurt. At that time there is no way in which the unit could carry Sridevi there. Finally with no other option, Rama Naidu himself lifted Sridevi with his hands and took her all the way.

For outsiders this looks romantic and for Ram Naidu, he knows how much money will be wasted if that day gets wasted if he fails to carry Sridevi there. Also, it is not that easy to hold a 45kg weight in hands and walk for about half kilometre. That is the story folks.

Are there any producers these days who are so much committed?


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