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Nagarjuna stunned with Manis narration


Mahesh Babu Nagarjuna

Hero Nagarjuna confirmed the news that he is part of Mani Ratnam’s upcoming project.

He said, “Yes, I am doing a film with Mani Ratnam. Mahesh Babu will also be in the lead. Mani gave me a 40-minute narration, and I was clean-bowled by what I heard. Mahesh and I are coming together for the first time. Audiences would expect something special.”

Recently Suhasini Mani Ratnam too announced that the project would be a Tamil-Telugu bilingual and an espionage tale, like the Bourne and Mission Impossible series. Aishwarya Rai and Shruti Haasan will also be a part of the project and the director is currently on a look out for a Pakistani or an Iranian actor to play an important role in the movie. AR Rahman will compose for the project and Ravi Varman will crank the lens


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