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Nag speaks about Big-B’s cameo in “Manam”


Manam BoxIrrespective of being mentioned ‘n’ number of times about “Manam” in different news every day, still the curiosity factor never dies at all. So is the hype that “Manam” is creating day by day. Recently talking to media, King Nagarjuna has shared few of his thoughts about Amitaab’s cameo in “Manam”.

Nagarjuna finally speaks about this film and here is what he said ““We didn’t want Bachchan saab’s appearance to be made public. We wanted it to be a surprise. But nothing he does can remain undisclosed. It’s just a cameo. I wanted him to honor us with his presence in our family film.”, said Nagarjuna.

““My father always thought of Bachchan saab as one of the finest actors we have. I thought just having him in my film would be an honor to my father’s memory. When I asked him, he immediately agreed.” actor added. Manam is finally set ready to release on May 23rd.

What can be interesting and exciting more than watching two evergreen legends of Indian cinema late ANR and the one and only Amitab together?


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