Nag not interested to do with NTR?


akkineni-nagarjuna-and-jr-ntr-multistarrer-from-august-991323e2We already knew that there were some planning going on for a multi-starrer film with King Nagarjuna and Nandamuri young tiger NTR together. In fact this happened long back,but since then we haven’t seen any improvement in this proposed project. What could be the reason? Here is the story..check this out.

Though NTR has wrapped up his shootig part with Rabhasa recently, and Nag having completed his first season of “Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu”, still there isn’t any buzz about this multi-starrer under Vamshi Paidipalli is not taking off.

Vamshi Paidipalli has scored a hit through “Yevadu” ,which encouraged him to take up anothe multi-starrer . After lot of brainstorming, finally has convinced both NTR and Nagarjuna for the movie. But the whereabouts of this project are not yet known. On the flip side, Tarak signed Puri Jagan’s movie and regular shoot will start once Rabhasa hits the screens. Close sources had it that Nagarjuna is looking for something like a Manam to do, not some regular masala entertainers.

Also he is busy choosing scripts for Akhil’s debut as that is getting delayed more than the time he anticipated. Apart from this, Nag is overseeing Naga Chaitanya’s Oka Laila Kosam and is setting up another opportunity for nephew Sumanth too. All these factors are said to be applying brakes for multi-starrer with NTR.


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