Murari's comments creating storm in TFI


katragadda-murari-imagesLatest comments of veteran producer Katragadda Murari have been creating storms in Tollywood since a few days. We all know that Murari has commented that Raghavendra Rao is not fit enough to receive the honorable doctorate offered by Geetam University.

Veteran producer Katragadda Murari tried to kick a storm when he released his autobiography ‘Navvi Poduru Gaaka’ an year back. He took brickbats at Megastar Chiru for spoiling dance moves and commented about director K Raghavendra Rao’s romances with few heroines. None took this book seriously but here comes Murari again slinging mud shots against Darsekendrudu.

‘It’s an insult to the term ‘doctorate’ as Geetham University awarded a honorable doctorate to director K Raghavendra Rao’, said Murari, calling that the commercial director isn’t having a character and stature to receive such doctorates. ‘He can’t make movies with his own stories, and neither they are successful when he made one. As a person when he can’t respect feelings and sentiments of others, how could be he eligible for doctorates?’, Murari asked. But Raghavendra Rao’s fans are striding these accusations as blatant pot-shots born out of jealousy and pessimistic thought.

‘Will Raghavendra Rao become a dud as Murari called him so? History speaks for KRR, his works speak, and legendary celebs like Chiru speak for him. Maybe a dozen of Murari will come up with cheap accusations, but millions patron Darsakendrudu’, a cine lover says.

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