Money is everything to me


Bandla-Ganesh-Photo-Gallery-2No wonder if anyone says so these days,as without money,no one can do anything. Especially when it comes to film industry everyone works either for money or for fame,if not for both. But you need guts to accept it . Here is one of the dynamic producers who always speaks his hearts out,admits that money is everything for him. Who is he?And what he says? Check this story out.

Ask any film maker the purpose of making films. “Passion” is the ans you get without any second thought. But star producer Bandla Ganesh is bold enough to say,”I make films for money is everything to me” .

Sharing a picture of bundles of money, a five hundred note heap, Ganesh revealed that he does everything only for the sake of it. ‘I love this, I like this, I want this’, stresses Ganesh, calling that money is the most important thing in lives. In fact this is a daring revelation as many producers often wear a fake-mask to claim that passion is making them produce films and invest money.

Ganesh is always known for shelling out a bomb for his heroes, heroines and directors. End of the day, he makes sure that his film gets enough beating on the drum, only to obtain his investment back.

Such a commercial producer..isn’t he ?


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