Mohanbabu to go bald for his next with RGV


Mohan Babu Press Meet (15)The first combination of Dialogue king Mohan Babu and the controversial director Ram Gopal Varma “Rowdy” has been critically acclaimed. Dr.Mohanbabu has got huge appreciation for his excellent acting as “Rowdy”. And now the latest buzz is that, Mohanbabu has signed up yet another movie with RGV,in which he will go bald, much to the surprise of one and all.

The legendary actor was seen in his new look at a press conference for his son Vishnu Manchu’s and RGV’s film “Anukshanam” and it was there that he revealed that he is working with the maverick film maker once again.

The last time RGV and Mohan Babu acted in “Rowdy” and the actor admitted that he agreed to do the role in the new film without even finding out the details of his character.

Ram Gopal Varma is currently busy with “Anukshanam” with Vishnu in the lead role of a cop, that will release on August 15th.
Like “Rowdy”, let us all hope this new film with RGV too rocks the screen and entertain the audience to the fullest.


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