Miruthan team joins for another action Thriller


Jayam Ravi’s recent zombie thriller movie Miruthan which is released in Telugu as Yamapasam has got good response from the fans, and now the same team will soon be joining hands yet again. The actor himself has revealed this information on twitter. Director Shakti Soundar Rajan has also announced this in his Twitter page. ‘Miruthan’ ended with a clear announcement about the sequel. Sources say, the second film of Jayam Ravi and Sakthi Soundar Rajan will not be the sequel of ‘Miruthan’ but it will be a new action thriller. Shooting of the film will start by the end of July or first week of August 2016. Which means Ravi will take up the Shakti Soundar Rajan film after finishing ‘Bogan’ directed by Lakshmanan. With this we can assume that he will take up the film with director Gautham Menon only after completing these two films.


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