A mighty film-city under construction in Andhra?


Suresh-Babu-AffairsHere comes the big news for you folks. There have been some speculations doing circles in Tollywood since a few days that T-town’s noted producer D.Suresh Babu is planning to construct a big film city in Andhra region in a grand style. Here is some light thrown on that matter by our sources that the planning is almost done and the implementation is about to begin. As he said it umpteen times earlier, Tollywood will be moving, literally his efforts will make the industry surely move or else distributed.

From a time Suresh Babu is stressing that Nellore district could also become another hub for film-making. Though there is Ramanaidu Studios already in Vizag, he never iterated that the beach-city could be another big hub. Reason is here. Along with venture capitalist Srini Raju, our big producer is building a new film city at Tada town in Nellore District. Already 3000 acres land is purchased by this duo but Suresh Babu remained tight lipped about it. We came to know that this shrewd businessman wants to make Tada a big hub of films because that will not only help Telugu cinemas even the nearby Chennai people could come and shoot for their Tamil flicks.

As part of this film city, they are building almost all the infrastructure including recording studios, laboratories and two huge floors for shooting indoor. Also technical equipment including cameras, cranes and light-sound related apparatus will be available for rent. Apart from that many buildings that we see in present day Ramoji Film City are also being constructed. There is huge location advantage for Tada because of the Pulicat lake around and many other natural landscapes including beaches and greenery. In the next 18-20 months, this new film city is expected to become active.

As Hyderabad and Vizag locations are beaten to death in Telugu movies already, this new location and new studio will become an instant hit, feels Suresh Babu. And if that happens, no wonder if we see Ramoji Film City losing its glory lack of shootings and stuff in no time, as many of them would prefer to shoot in Andhra without any hassles in film making.


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