Megastar's re"mark"able justice


chiru-150th-movie-imagesReason why they say,Experience always counts. Of course, megastar and central minister Chiranjeevi might have taken some wrong steps regarding his political career.One can understand that he has got no experience in that regards. But what about film industry? Who can question his intellectual stamina over films? None right? Because his track record proves that,how good he has the hold in mass audience .So now ,megastar Chiranjeevi is trying to use his experience for his son RamCharan’s bright career. Hence, he started involving in the scripts that Charan is choosing .

So, now rumours about Chiranjeevi enquring about the story-line and progress of his Charan’s next film with director Krishna Vamsi, are in tune with his watchful eye on his son’s career. Even directors like Vinayak and Vamsi Paidipally, went through tense moments outside the preview theater, where Chiru watched their films “Nayak” and “Yevadu” and came up with corrections.

“Chiru takes a pad, few sheets and a pen to keenly note down the points he wants to make or insist on changing, so directors were scary about his pen and remarks” goes a joke in the industry. May be, Krishna Vamsi getting the taste of it, in the midst of his film, surely it will add value to his film, hope Khadgam director understands it.

Will this “Mega” involvement bring Cherry and Krishna Vamshi the needed result? Lets have to wait and see.


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