When Megastar's emotions come out..


For any human being, there are certain emotions which can’t be controlled all the time. We automatically put them across unknowingly. Same is the case with actor turned politician, Megastar Chiranjeevi too.

Chiranjeevi got emotional during the talk show (‘Soundarya Lahari’) of veteran filmmaker K Raghavendra Rao. This moment happened when the song ‘Bangaram Theche’ from ‘Iddaru Mitrulu’ was played!

Chiru shared, “During his childhood, Charan used to consume food only after watching ‘Rowdy Alludu’.

The special attraction of the show is a special AV comparing the remunerations of Chiranjeevi at the time of ‘Manavoori Pandavulu’ (Rs 1,116) and ‘Gharana Mogudu’ (Over Rs 1 crore). Filmfare had even came up with a cover story ‘Bigger Than Bachchan’ quoting Chiru as the highest paid actor in the country.

Clipping of Chiranjeevi’s dialogue ‘Debbakay’ from Kondaveeti Raja was shown. the Iconic Actor revealed that the peculiar sound which comes after the dialogue was actually an input offered by Producer KS Rama Rao.

No doubt that the iconic hero felt nostalgic on the show,who shared his hearts out with the host Raghavendra Rao.


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