Megastar’s 150th movie in his hand now?


chiru-150th-movie-imagesHope you all remember Chinni Krishna. One of the ” sensational” writers of Tollywood. After penning for some huge hits like “Narasimha Naidu”, “Indra”, this star writer has lost his charm and slowly vanished over a period of time.  “sensation” has become  his surname as this writer never talks anything without that exaggerated sensational element.  Claiming that Megastar Chiranjeevi’s 150th project is in his domain, he sprang a surprise to mega fans the other day.

‘Chiru’s 150th project is about to start, and undoubtedly this flick will be a bigger hit than Indra. As everyone is waiting for the movie curiously, they will hear a good news very soon’, said Chinni Krishna the other day. One might have got shocked as to what this writer is cooking for Chiru after he recently delivered a mind blowing movie like ‘Genius’. We hear that Chinni Krishna is assisting Paruchuri Brothers in preparing that historical story of Uyyalavada Narasimha Reddy. Whatever it is, our ‘sensational’ writers entry is sure to give jitters for someone who doesn’t know his past glory.

On the flip side, Chinni Krishna indicated that his directorial debut is also on cards very soon. ‘I’m in talks with Tamil hero Surya. Our project might start in the near days’, he signed off. Surely this is one ‘sensational’ claim by our writer.

By the way, already stalwarts like Paruchuri brothers are working hard on “Uyyalavada Narasimha Reddy” story , and now what Chinni krishna has got to do with that?What can he contribute makes an interesting thing..let us wait and see.


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