Megastar disappoints his fans again


ChiruEvery mega fan is gearing up to celebrate Megastar Birthday i.e on 22nd August,might get highly disappointed with this news.Most of the fans were desperately trying to meet their beloved star on his birthday, but as per the latest buzz it is learnt that Megastar is not available on 22nd August. He will not be available for any film star,politician or any other VIP’ across both the states and also for his Delhi mates.

It is learnt that, Chiranjevvi is visiting Nepal along with his family it seems. He has planned to visit a few holy shrines and perform some special pooja there.  Also he will rejuvenate at a spa for a couple of days in the Himalayan Kingdom. Only Ram Charan will be present in Hyderabad taking care of Megastar’s birthday celebrations. Also there is nothing about 150th film till now, because Mega team hasn’t found any story yet. However, indications are rampant that this landmark movie is not going to be any historical or message oriented flick, but just a regular commercial pot boiler.

Even fans desire to see Chiru in an out and out commercial role only,but
not any historical feat, social worker neither. Talking about director of this prestigious project, Mega camp revealed that once the story is worked out, then they will decied about director. For the now, all options are open about 150th film, and Mega fans have to feel content with this info at the moment.


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