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Many of them are laughing at him


Prabhu-DevaPrabhu Deva, also called as “Indain Michael Jackson by all his fans , is yet again in news for some bad reasons. He has been the centre of the news since he divorced his wife Ramalat after having a deep affair with Nayanatara. And also on the other side, Prabhudeva’s film titles in recent times are attracting controversies. After he received a notice from Hollywood makers, he changed his Rambho Raj Kumar film title in to R..Raj Kumar and now his recent title, Action Jackson is once again in trouble. He had received one more copyright infringement notice and the case is currently pending in the courts. Prabhudeva is angry at the hollywood makers and in a press meet, he bashed them. “I don’t understand how or why every film title we use in India has to be cleared abroad as well. In that case the law should work both ways. Why was James Cameron’s film called Avatar? Years before that some Bollywood director Mohan Kumar had made a film called Avatar,” said the choreographer cum director. Many are laughing at Prabhudeva’s poor knowledge. They are ridiculing that he does not know the copyright laws despite being a famous director. Simple explanation for Prabhudeva’s doubt is that all the titles in Hollywood are copyrighted where as Indian film makers are not interested in doing that. How could you have so poor knowledge Prabhu, despite of having quite a number of block buster hits to your credit? Don’t you know the copyright act?


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