Screen Name :Manik
Original Name : C.R.Manik Rao
Phone :
Cell : 9391032097,9396890055
Email :
Address : 22-1-523 Sultan pura,Chandraghat,Hyderabad


Number of films : 125

Prominent films : Aavesham,Ankitham,Maavurimaraju,Sulthan,Veerabadra,Aunanna Kadanna

Other language films : Hindi

Awards : Maa nannaku pelli(best villan abhinanadana cultural award)

Stage experience : 20 stage performence from telugu University

First film

Year : 1986

Film : Ee Prasnaku baduledi

Director : Suresh krishna

Producer : Ramanayudu

Banner : Suresh Production

Charector : Pelli Koduku


Primary : City Model Primary School,Chandraghat

School : Anjapura No1 School

College : Telugu University B.A to M.A


Mother tongue : Hindi

Other languages : Telugu,English

Personal info

Original name : C.R.Manik Rao

screen name : Manik

Place of birth : Hyderabad

Father's name : Late Ramachandra Rao

Mother's name : Late Anasuuyamma

Children : Shilpa,Alpha,Jhansi

Contact Details

Cellphone: : 9391032097,9396890055

city : Hyderabad

Address : 22-1-523 Sultan pura,Chandraghat,Hyderabad

State : A.P

Other info

Other activities : Active Leader in TDp from1982 and Red cross societymember,Hyderabad Community member

Other achievements : Ganapathi utsava member

Hobbies : Book reading,T.V Watching,Social work

Other : Science 1982-1985 with NTR TDp party as a Active member & Artist are the memorable movements


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