Mani preparing a masala story for Cherry?


ramcharan-manirathnamIt is heard a long back that one of the top directors of India, Manirathnam, is writing a subject to make a multi -starrer with both Allu Arjuna and Ram Charan. Unfortunately that idea has been dropped due to some reasons,and Manirathnam never spoke a word about that project later . After that, It is also heard the Mani has narrated a story line to Chiranjeevi and Ramcharan, by whith both father and son got impressed and asked Mani to come up with a developed version . Now it is being said that, Manirathnam is seriously working on the subject to finish off the script as soon as possible.

Manirathnam is trying hard to make his comeback into Tollywood with a bang , as he hasn’t been on a success track in Tamil since a long time now. As per the reports , we learnt that a lady producer could be pumping money in this 40-crore movie and hoping that this big ticket-er entertainer would go on floors soon, since a a film with Charan-Mani combination, will raise lot of hype and give her maiden production, much needed fillip.

Based on his track record, we can expect an action entertainer with this Tollywood’s heart throb. Lets wait and see,what Maniratnam has in store for Cherry.


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