“Me and Mahesh are happy”says Srinu Vytla


srinu-vaitla-sensational-comments-on-jr-ntr-nani-25461267Super star Mahesh Babu’s latest flick ” Aagadu”s result has certainly irked his fans to the core and many of them are very much angry on the director Srinu Vytla. The other day Srinu Vytla was taken up on by Mahesh fans,when he attended for a live chat with fans on a noted channel.Embarrassed with some fans taking potshots against him, Sreenu Vytla has called for a press-meet today morning and shared his thoughts about ‘Aagadu’. Urging everyone to wait till completion of ‘Dasara’ holidays and then count final collection figures.Vytla says that comparisons bound to happen as ‘police’ roles are hitting Tollywood in a row.

‘Mahesh Babu and me are happy with the final output and result also. You can take a call on Aagadu only after looking at final collections post Dasara holidays. Until then, blaming about result is heights of criticism’, says Sreenu Vytla. ‘I agree that importance is given to treatment of Aagadu rather than the story. But that doesn’t mean this rural police character is lifted from other flicks. Maybe people say I copied Dookudu too. But I want to remind you, Dookudu is also mine’, he avers, taking a dig at ‘unstable’ fans. –

Now what does “Dookudu is also mine” mean by Srinu Vytla? So he can copy his own films and make every film at his will? Is he asking the fans to get adjusted to it?


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