MAA wishes Prakash Raj a Happy Birthday


actor-prakash-rajs-journey-to-st-640x360Noted actor Prakash Raj is celebrating his 49th birthday today with his family and friends. Prakash Raj was born at Bangalore in Karnataka on March 26th 1965. He completed his graduation from Bangalore. Prakash Raj started his career with Doordarshan serials Bisilu Kudure and Guddada Bhootha in Kannada. He started supporting actor in Raamachari, Ranadheera, Nishkarsha and Lock updeath. Though his original name was Prakash Rai but he has changed to Prakash Raj on the advice of his guru K. Balachander who is prominent Tamil director and who passed away recently. He played first major role in Balachander’s Duet. Prakash Raj acted in many movies both in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi languages. He is not only talented actor but also director. He married actress Lalitha kumari and have two daughters and one son but he divorced her and married Choregrapher Pony Varma. He received several awards at state and national level for his acting. Maastars wishes our MAA Artiste Prakash Raj a Happy Birthday.


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