A low budget film in B-town made it big


YehHaiBakrapurJanaki Vishwanathan is a well known director who earlier made a National award winning movie named “Kutty” in Tamil . And now her directorial venture in Bollywood ‘Yeh Hai Bakrapur’ has created lots of excitement among movie goers with its release on 9th May 2014. The movie has received rave reviews for its unique story-line. Since its release, people have been showing their appreciation towards the movie so much that it has raked in a total of 2.25 Cr in its first weekend of box office collections. It has also been able to sustain well at the box office on Monday.

The first, second, third and fourth day collections at the box office were 0.70 cr, 0.55 cr, 1 cr and 0.47 cr respectively. The film is expected to earn 4 Cr in collections in the next few days. The movie that has been doing rounds of prestigious film festivals has now received critical acclaim from the audience too. The figures show that audience are also interested in independent cinema and are willing to give it a chance by flocking to the theatres.

‘Yeh Hai Bakrapur’ is the story of the Qureshi family and their pet goat Shahrukh, who acquires rock star status in his village and beyond. Written and directed by Janaki Vishwanathan, known for her National Award winning film ‘Kutty’, in Tamil, the movie is produced by Ramesh Sriivatsava Aruunachalam.

It is now excited to see, what wonder can Janaki Viswanadhan create in Bollywood and win awards this time. Let us wish the entire cast and crew of “Ye hai Bakrapur” all the very best.


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