Lip lock scenes are not fetching her much


Deeksha SethUsually, whenever a heroine locks her lips with her co-star, that would put her in news for a while. That brings her so much of attention that is needed to prolong her career. In fact, those lip locking guts would definitely give a heroine a long mileage in film industry. But there are certain people for whom those lip locking efforts won’t come handy. Deeksha Seth, sexy tall girl who made her Tollywood debut with Vedam is one example for that. Don’t believe? Read the story then..

Scoring hits are mandatory for heroines to continue in film industry, but for Deeksha winds are never her side. Since Vedam, all of her movies flopped at box office big time except for Mirapakai where she played a second heroine. After losing all chances in Tollywood before being branded as iron-leg, Deeksha is now making her Bollywood debut with ‘Lekar Hum Deewana Dil’ opposite debuting hero Arman Jain who happens to be cousin of Kareena Kapoor. Fans of this pretty actress are now wondered about the fate of this movie at box office.

In fact Deeksha has done a smooching scene with Bunny in her debut Telugu film ‘Vedam’ . Now the reports are,. she is now ready to do a similar kissing scene with her co-star in her Bollywood debut film too. Sentimental admirers are said to be worried that her first Bollywood assignment will repeat the fate of her first Tollywood flick.

Deeksha babe, this time you make sure you kiss your hero in a much better way , so that you get more and more lips…oops…more and more opportunities both in South and North Indian film industries.


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