Are there any limits to kiss:Manchu Lakshmi


Well folks, please do not jump into any weird conclusions, as this bold and beautiful lady of Manchu Lakshmi at Teach for Change fashion show (12)Manchu family, Manchu Lakshmi said this about the limits of kissing own children. As per the latest buzz in T-tow, it is heard that Mohan Babu’s daughter and multi talented actress, Lakshmi Manchu is on a kissing spree. However the kissing spree is not on screen but on off screen and that too for her new born baby. Lakshmi Manchu is currently enjoying her motherhood and is in the enigma of being a mother. She recently tweeted about her being irresistible from kissing the new born.

Lakshmi tweeted “Is there a limit on how many kisses one can give their baby? I can’t get enough of her. I can’t stop kissing her.” It is known to our readers that Lakshmi Manchu gave birth to a beautiful young girl through surrogacy. Lakshmi Manchu opted for surrogacy due to her medical complications. She named the baby Vidya Nirvana Manchu Anand. Lakshmi Manchu is currently experiencing the heavenly pleasures of bringing up a baby and she has stopped accepting any new projects as of now. She will only take up further assignments after a few months, once the baby is a few months old. She only has a film Budugu yet to be released which was shot before the baby was born.

Budugu is an intense and engaging family thriller written and directed by Manmohan. Based on real life incidents, the film depict some mysterious and shocking things that happen in the life of an eight year old boy upsetting an otherwise normal family. The central theme is how the family comes out of these unexpected twists and turns that threaten to disturb their lives.

Let us see how good she performed in the movie .


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